Hello there!

If you spend five minutes on any so-called YouTube magazine, you’ll find Dan and Phil’s faces on a pastel-coloured background with a combination of words that the youth is supposed to use and like, and end up cringing halfway through your 5th and last minute on it.

So here we are, four twenty-somethings and a screaming high schooler who decided that not only do we deserve better than this, we can DO better.

This is a free magazine for all of us who are tired of being treated like a brain-dead pre-teen in their random phase by people who think “pepe” is the popular meme right now; a platform to express our ideas, to make fun of Dan and Phil semi-professionally and to, ultimately, entertain ourselves and you guys.

So we brainstormed some ideas, messaged some people, killed a man or two and this is what we got.




As a monthly magazine, each issue will tackle a different concept that ties it all together, and boy, aren’t we fed up with the “stupid fangirl” stereotype and the misjudgement we receive daily on the web for having a Dan and Phil icon — enough to make it this month’s theme.

You and I both know exactly what I’m on about. That tone of voice every time another YouTuber mentions The Phandom. Those lengthy Tumblr posts about hating The Phandom and being embarrassed by our own people. The stupid little label you know you’re getting when you have that Twitter username that includes a Dan and Phil reference.

It’s all presumptuously based on putting us all in one box when in fact, not even the little 5-person staff that makes this magazine have many parallels other than liking Dan and Phil. So, quite frankly, attempting to lump together roughly 50k people who share an interest in their videos is a ridiculous concept.

Bloody Benjamin Cook.

When Ben Cook tweets defensively trying to disregard our opinions because of having Dan as our icon; when The Sunday Times Magazine reported on us as “hoards of feverish young women,” when we have to use multiple Twitter accounts just to be able to talk to YouTubers, we have every right to feel completely enraged.

Even if we were “feverish young women,”[1] the negative connotation behind that phrase is an ingrained patriarchal view that young women are inherently irrelevant. It’s as if our opinions ought to be disregarded because we’re “hormonal,” “uneducated,” and we “lack judgement;” and that’s why we “deserve” not to be taken seriously based on the common conception that the only people who like Dan and Phil are teenage girls.

And at the end of the day, the Phandom is not an association based on age, race, gender, political views, morality or any other aspect besides our dedication to Dan and Phil’s work.

Do we deserve to be mistreated as a group because of the behaviour of some? We’re individuals, not a mob, and we deserve to be treated as the completely different persons we are.

This is what this issue is about – trying to demonstrate how ridiculous the fangirl stereotype is for us. And of course a little bit of shitposting. And Dan and Phil.


Yes, we do take our statistics very seriously.

[1] – Official Dan And Phil survey which received 30,000 responses, ranging in age from 12 to 27 years old. More than half the surveyed are between the ages 13 to 15. 87% of the total of surveyed are female and a rough 40% consider themselves straight (either sexually or romantic).