The Phandom has way too much time on their hands – that is a known fact. When a liveshow or a 5 minute video is all you get for the next 2 weeks, you have enough time to watch it 50 times and analyse every background detail and every word to end up connecting it to an obscure 2010 tweet referencing a dark tv show from the 80’s. Sometimes it’s just absurd (“what if Dan is actually Phil’s son!?”) and sometimes they’re downright spooky. Here I compile the most ridiculous yet incredibly convincing Phandom Conspiracy Theories. Keep your eyes open and your ear canals clean, Bush did 9/11.

1 Dan makes up comments on YouNow

This idea had been discussed for a long time. How does Dan (or Phil for that matter) ever read the comments on YouNow when 99% of them are either spam or about phan? Suspiciously, they somehow manage to read the exact question they want to talk about.

Nobody really cared, though. It’s not really a thing to be over analysed anyway. But then on a fateful liveshow in July of 2015, he f*cked up, my friends.

“What happened with the gas man? … said Tom… um, oh, today. Yeah, awkward! Awkward times at the Dan and Phil’s house. We had a gasman come check the gas meter and like, always Phil goes into full meerkat mode…”

You sit in a throne of (butt) LIES!!11
You sit in a throne of (butt) LIES!!11

You might be wondering “What’s wrong with this?” Get this; neither him nor Phil had mentioned anyone, much less a gas man coming to their house. I personally remember watching the whole of Phil’s previous liveshow back, and he never mentioned any problem with anything in the house. Neither of them tweeted it or mentioned to a fan. That sh*t just plain came up out of nowhere.

Everyone’s first impression was, “That’s creepy. Stalker alert,” which could be a possibility, but then forum user tymyky pointed out:

“I have this theory that Dan has some bullet points on his laptop and you can sometimes see him looking at it when there is a awkward silence and then he suddenly comes up with another topic (…) like it was asked by someone in the chat and it’s usually asked by John or Tom (sometimes he even hesitates before saying the name)”

Believe what you want, but since that was thrown out there, I’ve always been suspicious of the amount of generic men’s names whose questions get picked on liveshows. CONSTANT VIGILANCE, MY FRIENDS.

2 Dan and Phil are messing with Dil and Tabitha’s relationship

You’ve surely heard the conspiracy theory that says Tabitha doesn’t even exist as a Sims Universe character and it was all created by Dan and Phil to get their son a girlfriend like the creeps they are. But to be honest, that doesn’t have much basis on anything and there’s no proof… unlike this Sims-related conspiracy.

In Episode #23, “WE GET A NEW SIM!”, they get Tabitha to move in and get to control her life as well. They decide to check her aspirations and general stats, and they find out Tabitha’s aspiration is Master Mixologist, exactly like Dil. Here’s a screenshot.

DanAndPhilGames - “WE GET A NEW SIM!”
DanAndPhilGames – “WE GET A NEW SIM!”

Let’s move on to Episode #24, “DIL’S NEW JOB,” and check out the split second caught on camera about her aspirations when they go see what her job is.

DanAndPhilGames - “DIL’S NEW JOB”
DanAndPhilGames – “DIL’S NEW JOB”

Not to be dramatic, but with 10 minutes of research on Carl’s Sims 4 Guide, you can discover that Dan and Phil could’ve possibly changed Tabitha’s aspirations for some dark reason we haven’t seen yet. Let’s check out the description of the Serial Romantic aspiration.


I – N – T – E – R – E – S – T – I – N – G TO SAY THE LEAST.

3 PhilLester391


the plot thickens
the plot thickens

October 2015 was the date someone realised this account was following a lot of Dan and Phil fan accounts. They didn’t have an icon, a header, a bio, no tweets, no RT’s. They just silently liked some of our tweets, some of our conversations. And then it was pointed out: Who are they? Why are they following us?

After a few minutes of poking fun at this mysterious and suspicious account, they suddenly went private.

We’re not saying it’s Phil Lester, but let’s be real. This is something Phil Lester would do, and with Dan and Phil’s history of self-admitted stalking and his very suspicious but real side account on instagram, phillester391 who still follows us all in a private way to this day, could very well be another of his efforts to stalk us. Hope he doesn’t find out some people call him daddy long legs.



4 Where is Question 14?

The #4 most popular video on the ever-so-controversial DanAndPhilGAMES channel, with 4.4 million views, created its own kind of drama and conspiracy when it was posted. As unnerving as the Larries’ famous “Investigate Wellington!”, Akinator’s mysterious question skipped without explanation has wracked our brains almost as much as the time there was a mysterious baby in the background of Dan’s pancake day selfie (though many believe it was just Bryony who shrank in the wash).

But let’s break down this mystery step by step. On their second playthrough, this time for Akinator to guess Phil, around minute 8:05 they answer question 13, here on screenshot.


And then at minute 8:10 they just jump to question 15.


Why would they skip a question? What was there that couldn’t have been included in the video? Was it a furry-related question? Was it the confirmation for one of our previous conspiracies? WHERE IS QUESTION 14, DAN AND PHIL!?!?!

5 Dan has been absorbing Phil’s soul

Okay, okay, okay. I know this sounds crazy, but you need to hear me out here. There’s no way that Dan’s crazy fanboy behaviour, Phil’s height shrinking while Dan keeps growing, and how they slowly keep looking more and more alike, are unconnected and isolated situations.

We all know the self-admitted piece of trash that is Dan Howell. He made that one video where he kidnapped Phil, talked creepily about Phil’s hair in a liveshow, and has admitted to having stalked him before knowing him on various occasions. With these facts in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised for him to be one of those crazy, obsessive people that resort to dark magic and rituals for whatever awful things they’re going after.

What if he’s so obsessed with Phil, he decided to HARVEST HIS SOUL.

lil' phil
lil’ phil

Not to be absolutely extra, but the photographic evidence doesn’t lie. Dan’s growth has been directly proportional to Phil’s shrinking. Dan’s hair has been stealing all of Phil’s hair fluff. This can only be the work of dark magic.