Pavlov’s Fangirl

It is now time to turn our attention to a topic which we know will be both familiar and dear to the reader’s heart: Dogs. Namely, the dogs belonging to famed physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, who had conditioned them to associate the sound of a metronome with the arrival of food. Pavlov’s conditioning tricked these […]

"I don't use vine, go away" - vine.co/danisnotonfire

Top 10 Bewildering Vines

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It’s amazing how much you can ruin/improve someone’s day in just 6 seconds and how much time you can “waste” by watching those same 6 seconds again and again and again. These 10 vines have certainly done all of the above for me and I’d like to show you the more disconcerting side of vine […]

7 articles that made us start this magazine

Warning- reading through the absolute bullsh*t grown people with actual journalism jobs have come up with to gain our clicks into their websites, can harm you irreversibly. Symptoms such as headaches, rage episode, feminist rants and existentialism are common after reading some of the titles we’ve compiled here. Please, proceed at your own risk. 1 […]


Hello there! If you spend five minutes on any so-called YouTube magazine, you’ll find Dan and Phil’s faces on a pastel-coloured background with a combination of words that the youth is supposed to use and like, and end up cringing halfway through your 5th and last minute on it. So here we are, four twenty-somethings […]