So you discovered Dan and Phil some time ago, enjoyed their videos and maybe followed them from some personal Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Now you want to be a real part of their community, show your support, and find some great friends, but you don’t quite know how to go about the whole “fan account”-business without seeming entirely ridiculous to the rest of the internet? Do not fear, because we are here to help! Just follow these 5 simple steps to find YOUR place in the online community.

0 Step 0: Choosing your social media platform!

You do you, baby
You do you, baby

So you have always enjoyed editing pretty pictures? Maybe writing fanfiction, or you want to learn how to make gifs? Instagram and Tumblr are great platforms to express your creativity and really contribute to the community!

Well. They would be. If Dan and Phil actually bothered using either of those websites. You want more interaction than a bi-yearly video? Then you have to go with Twitter. Where you can watch Dan tweet the same 3 people every other week while desperately hoping for him to acknowledge the actual decent creations his community has come up with. Once you get over the initial frustration it’s quite fun, really.

(If you considered Facebook as an option please stop reading here. I don’t have the time or nerve to even explain why.)

1 Step 1: Your name!

What you do know about the internet is that you should under no circumstance give away your private information; so your real name is out of question here. And aren’t you here to make it obvious at first glance that you are supporting your favourite creators? So why not include a reference to them?

fanaccounts-image11fanaccounts-image17 fanaccounts-image16


Sort yourself out!
You wouldn’t want to upset Dean Dobbs, would you?

While this is a great way to emphasise your intentions with the account every other YouTuber that you aren’t referencing here will immediately burst into tears that this is not about them. Why do you want Phil to follow you? Why not Dean Dobbs? Playing favourites? How DARE you. If you already picked your idol then how will you be able to show interest in anything else besides them?

No, you have to go with something safe. Like, a nickname. But not an obvious one, because then one might argue you are too afraid to show who you really are and just hide behind a fake persona. So: Make it as mind numbingly boring as possible. This will ensure that not only you come across as an adult, but also as dead inside, which is the current trend.


2 Step 2: Your Username!

After the first obstacle is out of the way you can now move on to maybe the most important part of your online identity: your username! The most common formula for this is [random word] + [Dan/Phil/Howell/Lester], so surely you can’t go wrong with that, right?

fanaccounts-image26 fanaccounts-image28 fanaccounts-image32 fanaccounts-image13

Wait hold up no we can’t do that either. Do you REALLY want an outsider to know you are invested in Dan and Phil? Did you even think what kind of image that paints of you? As we all know, fangirls, -boys and -people only care about one thing: screaming. So if you were planning to have actual opinions on anything that isn’t Dan’s latest £400 shirt then we have to find something better here, like a lowkey reference no one possibly gets. Something so lowkey that YOU don’t even get it. Demolish every possible connection to Dan and Phil.

fanaccounts-image27 fanaccounts-image31 fanaccounts-image36 fanaccounts-image15

3 Step 3: Your Icon!

From having seen all those beautiful edits on tumblr you know: It is time for your very own fancy Dan and Phil layout! You have come prepared: downloaded photoshop, researched possible colour pallets and even decided on your favourite Dan haircut to have a beautiful account everyone will be jealous of.

fanaccounts-image39 fanaccounts-image38

Uhm wait you did not actually plan to use a picture of Dan and/or Phil, right? Come on. Hiding behind someone else’s face? You can’t fight anyone like this! Who will take their enemy seriously while looking into the eyes of AmazingPhil himself?! No one, that is.

If you aren’t comfortable using a selfie there is only two options left then: your pet or memes. Really, you can’t ever go wrong with cats and pepe.

fanaccounts-image25 fanaccounts-image35

4 Step 4: Your bio!

The perfect place to tell all the new friends you’ll make who you are! Obviously be careful to not get too personal here, but hey you have to tell them a bit about yourself, right? Maybe include some cool inside joke to show you are down with the kids? You could even include some other fandom references so you can connect with even more people who share your interests. Your bio is your very own place to go wild.


….except it really isn’t. Imagine: You are tweeting one of your favourite celebrities. They laugh at your response, find you genuinely funny and interesting and go to your profile to find out some more about that great individual you are.

And then? You are a SLYTHERIN? The arch nemesis of said celeb, who just happens to be in Gryffindor? How dare you even talk to them. To add to that you also support Zoella? Zoella, who is singlehandedly responsible for the failed autumn makeup their crush laughed about in 2014?

Then they close your account and instead of starting a possibly good conversation you are now muted. Great job you did here. Couldn’t just SHUT UP about your problematic interests, could you?

Okay, we need to avoid that all costs. Let me just think for a second here to come up with something quirky and relatable.


5 Step 5: Your tweets!

Now that your account is all set up you are ready to go and join in the mad banter of the cool kids. Show your support, connect to the rest of the fandom, maybe even come up with your very own viral joke! The possibilities are endless.


Okay kid when i said endless i meant… not that. We cannot have you express opinions or mention Dan and Phil, how easy does that make it for people to attack you? Do you really want to bait every other angry troll?

There’s only one way to prevent that: you must show your superiority to all their blind followers; who will even listen to you otherwise? ALWAYS stay nonchalant: showing emotions is a sign of weakness and we want to be taken seriously here.


You are done!

Your perfect, non-offensive, serious and mature fan account is finished! No one will be able to attack you here or disrespect you for your interests. Now get your voice out there, make some friends and get involved with the community without getting looked down on. Good luck my friend!



  • Step 1: Decide to make a fan account!
  • Step 2: Don’t actually make a fan account.
  • Step 3: SUCCESS