It’s amazing how much you can ruin/improve someone’s day in just 6 seconds and how much time you can “waste” by watching those same 6 seconds again and again and again. These 10 vines have certainly done all of the above for me and I’d like to show you the more disconcerting side of vine with my top 10 loops that will make you question why you are on this page in the first place.

1 sick vape tricks

This vine sums up what really happened in Japan. Little did you know that Phil is a PRO vapor and has some sick vape tricks up his sleeve. Or should I say… Up his nostril.


Phil tried to make his own belly dance vine account but it didn’t take off as expected…

This is the first of many belly dancing vines made for Dan and Phil. I’m glad this exists.


The audio of this vine makes me want to throw my headphones across the room just like I would to Dan if he tried whispering to me. You all know how that went down in the 3D Audio Experience video. However, Dan calling Phil “Lil’ Mama” is something I fully support.


Not that I’ve thought about it before but now I’m definitely sure I don’t want to see Dan and Phil at the club ‘popping their pussies.’


Hotdog! Phil definitely had killer moves at BBC Radio 1’s Reboot. Look at those spaghetti limbs go. I could watch this all day.





This seems like the next obvious step from Internet Cult Leader. He’d probably make kinkshaming illegal and put forward meme culture classes in every high school.


So accurate.


I’d like to enquire as to what ‘ass’ they’re talking about… but he’s a massive white girl I’ll give you that.


Nicki Minaj ft. AmazingPhil. This is the type of content I never knew I needed until now.

I would like to thank the creators of these edits and I really do encourage the proliferation of this type of humour . It’s safe to say that they manage to elicit a baffled giggle no matter what kind of day you’ve had.